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Ask Yourself The REAL Questions:

How many vendors are you working with?  How many check out on you in busy season, are not timely with invoicing, or are not able to manage your work orders and provide solid proof of repairs?

We all have gone through that.  There are so many ways that property maintenance is a source of conflict.  Owners upset over price, tenants don’t want to schedule, illegal activities going on in properties, the list goes on and on.

How many late night and weekend phone calls do you get? Did your technician properly document repairs?  Did they do the entire scope of work in the order?  Did they do extra work without proper authorization?

At Forte we have dealt with all of this.  How nice would it be to have one point of contact, one call or email to send to get the repair process going?  To get confirmation that your work orders are received and are being processed?

We specialize ONLY with B2B clients, we fully understand the strains associated with property management.

This is the realm that our professional staff deals with. All day, every day.

Stop doing this the hard way!  Let us be the one email address and phone number you need to make repairs; and let us show you the difference.