Residential Interior Painting, Oakwood Georgia

After two years of pandemic and economy concerns, it’s time for a bit of fresh air and a bit of color, wouldn’t you say? Minimalist was the focus in 2020, 2021 but 2022 sees homes infused with color!

Rich blues, greens and subtle contrasting earth tones give a feeling of health, energy and optimism.

Natural hues with bright pops!  To look at these trends, check out this article from Nordrom and don’t be afraid to consider a change, add some color and revitalize your home.

Home Decor Color Trends 2022: Natural Hues with Bright Pops – The Nordroom

Now that you are inspired, you’ll need a painter!  Forte maintenance is your #1 go to for interior and exterior painting in Oakwood, Dawson and surrounding Georgia areas.  If you’re looking for a painter who will show up, near you, give us a call.  We guarantee our work and look forward to working with you.

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